Universal Backrest Mounting System

Universal Backrest Mounting System

  • Can be used with all shields.
  • Can be easily installed and removed using special “Cam Jams” and para-cord which locks the system in place .
  • Can be used in all cars with headrest pegs.
  • Has quick release system for immediate deployment.
  • Has reinforced metal rails for greater stability.
  • Has a grip carrying handle for easy transportation.



Product Description

Universal Backrest Mounting System

Made for low profile (unmarked) vehicles, supervisor vehicles, and vehicles without cages. The Universal Backrest Mounting System protects the Shield as well as the LEO in case of an accident. It can be mounted to the front or behind the seat. It is reinforced with 2 metal rods for greater support. It is, very sturdy, easily accessible and easily installed and removed.

Technical Details


Universal Backrest Mounting System


  • Can be used with all shields.
  • Can be installed and removed quickly and easily without making modifications to the car.
  • Can be used in all cars that have headrest pegs.


  • 1/4 inch ABS plastic with stainless hardware and aluminum support rails.
  • 4 carabiner type “Cam Jam” with parachute cord.




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Product Pictures

The following pictures show how the Seatback Mounting System looks when it is installed.

It can be mounted to the front or back of the seat.
Unmarked vehicles, vehicles without cages of supervisor vehicles would probably use the rear mounting system.

The Seatback Mounting System is just as easy to install and remove as the Headrest Mount.

The below picture shows the Seatback Mount fastened to the front of the seat.

We have modified this mount somewhat and new pictures will be posted as soon as possible.

This picture shows our I.R. Shield mounted in the Seatback Mount. The “quick release” leaver allows for quick deployment of the Shield.

Again, this mount has been modified and made smaller. New pictures will be available soon.