TAC Shield


  • Made for expected threats (firearms, knifes, etc.)
  • Can be used as an impact weapon
  • Complements the ballistic vest with head and neck protection
  • Active shooter Shield


$650.00      TAC SHIELD 1000 NIJ II

$675.00      TAC SHIELD 1250 NIJ III-A

All prices are without accessories or customizations.

Product Description


Made for anticipated threats

Unlike the I.R. Shield, the TAC Shields were created for anticipated threats where immediate response is not as critical a factor to save your life.

The TAC Shield is a great tool for:

  • in-progress calls
  • suspicious persons
  • suspicious vehicles
  • felony stops
  • building searches
  • or any potential dangerous situation like an active shooter

Unlike the I.R. Shield, our TAC Shields were created for anticipated threats where immediate response is not as critical. The TAC Shield is similar to the I.R. Shield with the exception of the viewing area which is above the handle. This allows for a better viewing area for easier maneuvering and target identification. The TAC Shield is a “high speed” Shield and a perfect tool for engaging an active shooter in a surgical shooting environment. The TAC Shield is lighter and easier to use than a typical SWAT type Shield that has a limited viewing area. It is a user friendly Shield.  When using our Shields in conjunction with our innovative mounting systems, it is always at arm’s reach.

Technical Details


  • Dimensions: 9.5″ wide by 24″ long
  • Weight: 12 lbs to 13 lbs (depending on thickness and accessories)
  • Threat Level: NIJ II and NIJ III-A

*In in-house testing, the 1 inch NIJ II Panel stopped a .44 Magnum 240 Grain SJSP which is a classified as a III-A Round.


  • All stainless steel material
  • 1 3/4 inch heavy duty nylon forearm strap for greater support and control


  • Front contact light assembly
  • Side handle search light assembly
  • SS (locking) headrest mount
  • Seatback carrier mount (can be mounted to the back of the seat as well)
  • Break-A-Way sling
  • Standard or special department logo


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