I.R. Shield

I.R. Shield

Immediate Response Shield

  • Made for unexpected threats (firearms, knives, etc.)
  • Can be used as an impact weapon
  • Complements the ballistic vest with head and neck protection
  • Easy to take along

The Search

The Contact

The Impact

I.R. Shield

Immediate Response Shield (I.R. Shield)

  • Light weight
  • High speed
  • Transparent
  • Search and Contact Light Systems
  • Supplements the LEO’s vest for head and neck protection


$475.00      I.R.Shield 1000 NIJ II

$495.00      I.R.Shield 1250 NIJ III-A

All prices are without accessories or customizations.

Note: 4% will be added to all orders made by credit card.

Product Details

I.R. Shield (Immediate Response)

A LEO’s Survival Tool.“Made for unexpected physical assaults, up to and including, assaults with a firearm”

  • It is a (defensive) blocking tool to break the momentum of the attacker; you must be able to survive an initial attack!
  • It can be used as an impact weapon.
  • It complements the ballistic vest with head and neck protection.
  • It has two light systems (side handle search light; front contact light).
  • It has a tether to free up the Shield hand while still controlling the Shield.
  • It is easy to take along on calls or traffic stops or whenever the LEO feels threatened or concerned.
  • It can be mounted to the headrest of the passenger side of the vehicle for quick deployment with our new I.R. Organizer

A LEO’s Survival Shield

Great tool for:

  • In-progress calls
  • suspicious persons
  • suspicious vehicles
  • felony stops
  • building searches
  • traffic stops
  • domestics
  • or any unexpected or escalating dangerous situation

The I.R. Shield was made for the unexpected. It is one of a kind and in a class of its own. The I.R. Shield is probably the most misunderstood Shield because of its size. The Shield was designed to be small and to complement the LEO’s vest for head and neck protection. Its small size allows you to easily take it along on potential threatening calls or situations that could easily escalate. It is totally transparent and does not look tactical or overbearing. All of our Shields are built with every day police work in mind. Other Shields are too large and do not meet the requirements of Immediate Response. Most small Shields look too tactical, have a small viewing port, are awkward to use and do not cover the entire arm to the elbow (Clear Tek). Our Shields can be mounted to the headrest pegs of the front passenger seat of the vehicle for quick deployment; not in the trunk like most Shields. Whatever you exit your vehicle with…is what you have to fight and protect yourself with!

LEOs usually operate in a defensive mode with a holstered weapon. A potential shooter usually has the offensive edge during an unexpected firearms encounter. By the time the officer sees the threat and mentally and physically gears up (reacts) to this threat, the subject’s round is coming their way. Reaction time is the culprit. Reaction time kills in a split second encounter! We have conducted many reactionary drills with the I.R. Shield strapped to the non-shooting arm. Our results indicate that covering with the I.R. Shield first is extremely quicker than attempting to out draw a subject with gun in hand. “Immediate cover is available as fast as throwing a punch!” Once covered—then counter! Through practice, the cover/counter response can be done simultaneously.

The I.R. Shield offers you the necessary head and neck protection that is crucial for survival. Most subjects know that LEOs are wearing ballistic vests. They now target the head area. When deployed, the I.R. Shield uses a combination of the forearm and shoulder for greater support, leverage and striking ability, if needed. When taken along, it is always in the ready position. That “one” unexpected encounter could be a career or life ending one. “Do not rely on luck to dictate your fate!” With the challenges facing LEOs today, the I.R. Shield is a “no brainer.” Will you be prepared?

Technical Details


  • Dimensions: 9.5″ wide by 17.5″ long
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs to 8.5 lbs (accessory and thickness dependent)
  • Threat Level: NIJ II and NIJ III-A

*In in-house testing, the 1 inch NIJ II Panel stopped a .44 Magnum 240 Grain SJSP which is classified as a III-A round.  (III-A needs to be together)


  • All stainless steel material
  • 1 3/4 inch heavy duty nylon forearm strap for greater support and control
  • (Optional) Tether (Nylon Para-cord) that tethers the I.R. Shield to the thumb to free up hand while still controlling the Shield)


  • Front contact light assembly
  • Side handle search light assembly
  • SS locking Headrest Mount
  • Break-A-Way sling
  • Tether to free up Shield hand while still controlling the Shield (Optional)
  • Standard or special department logo


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