Ballistic Shield Accessories

Mett-t realizes that most law enforcement agencies fall under budgetary guidelines and/or restraints.

We therefore designed our Shields in such a way that accessories can be added at a later date as budgets permit. No additional Shield modification is necessary to add any of our accessories.


Law enforcement logos are available as follows:

  • a Police/Sheriff- Standard logo
  • a Specific agency (Identifier) logos (Miami Police, Broward Sheriff, etc.)

Clear Ballistic Shield Accessories

We provide several accessories that will enhance the usability of our shields.
Most of our accessories can be used with all of our Shields with the exception of our TAC II 1250 and all of our TAC III Shields. In order to mount these Shields, the front or rear of the Seat Mount must be used. We discourage the use of the headrest mount for these Shields because of the weight factor. Some headrest pegs will not sustain the weight of these Shields. Please refer to the accessory pages for further details.

Shield Accessories

Locking Headrest Mount Shield mounting system

Rear Seat Mounting System Shield mounting system

rear mounting system

Search Light Handle Special handle to attach a search light diectly to the clear ballistic shield.

search light handle

LED Streamlight Used for our Front Contact Light System

Breakaway Sling