All of our Clear Ballistic Shields have been created with the LEO’s safety and operational necessities in mind. From our Shields and accessories, to our innovative mounting systems, our Products are one of a kind.

Our Shields were created in such a manner as to be able to add on additional accessories at a later time as budgets permit. If our Shields ever get damaged beyond use, just order a new panel and transfer the handle, brackets, etc. to the new panel; creating a new Shield. No other Shield companies have this feature.

We can also build Clear Ballistic Shields to your specs. Just let us know what size you want and we will build it. Just remember, the larger the Shield, the greater the weight!

Our staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have in the use of our Shields. This includes available lesson plans and small team tactics when engaging an active shooter.

We can also get you in touch with police instructors from other agencies that can help incorporate our Shields into your department. Our assistance continues long after the purchase is made.

NIJ Ratings

All of our Shields have been tested by H. P. White and conform to the Police NIJ rating standards. Our Shields can be ordered in both, NIJ II (1 in. panel) and NIJ III-A (1.25 in. panel) level of protection.

*In in-house testing, our NIJ II panel stopped a .44 magnum 240 grain SJSP, a III-A round.


The following warranty is in effect upon the purchase of our Shields:

  • Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on light systems (excluding batteries)
  • Lifetime warranty on all stainless steel parts (handle, brackets, etc.)
  • 5 year discoloration and separation on our shields
  • 5 years on the plastic insert for the (handle) search light system
  • 1 year on the forearm strap

The following is not covered by warranty:

  • Damage caused through use, abuse, or misuse
  • Any testing or actual use beyond the scope of the Shield is not warranted and is not covered.


  • Clean with a mild soap and water only.
  • Do not use ammonia, bleaches, solvents, oils and any other compounds that react with plastic. This will damage your Shield and void your warranty.

Remember, our staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We will also assist your instructors in developing a lesson plan for our Shields. Several police agencies have already created lesson plans which are available to us and at Mett-t we will share them with you.

Thank you,

Ted Bradley CEO


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*Need a special size or configuration, let us know!

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