Ballistic Security Desk

Ballistic Security Desk

The Ballistic Security Desk is used by security teams at security check points in courts, municipal buildings, airports, etc.                                                                              

Courts, municipal buildings, airports, etc., are considered “high casualty targets” and would potentially be on the list of individual(s) that want to make a statement.  In order to have an effective security check point, you must be able to defend it. Your LEOs must be able to survive an initial attack!  Our Ballistic Security Desk provides the necessary cover to do just that. Not only does our Desk provide cover, it allows your LEOs to engage a shooter with our (optional) Shield Countermeasure Package.  These Shields are mounted to the side of the Desk with a quick release leaver for fast deployment. With the combined level of protection provided by our Desk, our Shields and the LEOs ballistic vest, chances of survival are greatly increased. That would even include rifle fire.

You will never be able to stop demented acts of violence. However, together with our products, special training and a plan of action, you will be able to minimize loss of life when faced with an active shooter situation.




*The Shield Countermeasure package is priced according to requirements

Note: 4% will be added to all orders made by credit card.

Minimum Size (Front)Height: 54.5 in. overall Width: 72 in. Depth: 2 x 48 in. wide (side panels)
PanelsEach 54.5 in. panel is composed of 42 in. of ballistic fiberglass and 12.5 in. of transparent polycarbonate (Glazing)
WeightApproximately 450 lbs
RatingNIJ level III-A
* With an optional level III package
*Without Active Shooter Counter Measure Package


  • Minimum size: Front panel 72” wide x 54.5” tall
  • Side panels 48” wide x 54.5” tall
  • Weight is approximately 400 lbs.
  • Available in NIJ III-A and level III
  • Ballistic materials: clear polycarbonate and Formica covered fiberglass
  • Ballistic material is mounted to a heavy duty aluminum frame
  • The Ballistic Desk comes with an adjustable table top
  • The Ballistic Desk comes in two primary colors; black and white
  • The Ballistic Desk comes in basic black or white colors
  • Other colors are available at a minimal additional charge.
  • Need a different configuration or size, let us know!
  • If you like your existing furniture or counter, we can build ballistic panels and reinforce it.
  • We also build Ballistic Barriers and Safe Areas.
  • If you have any other needs, please let us know!

….when results matter!

Orders can only be made directly through the office of METT-T.

Please contact us directly either via email ( or phone.

Note: 4% will be added to all orders made by credit card.


The following warranty is in effect upon the purchase of our BWOD:

5 – years for discoloration and separation of the Polycarbonate (plastic) viewing area

10 – years on the laminated Armorcore fiberglass ballistic panels and the table top

Lifetime warranty on the aluminum framing


*Any damage caused through use, abuse, or misuse is not covered.

*Any Polycarbonate (plastic viewing area) contact with cleaners, solvents, oils, etc. is not covered.

*The Polycarbonate plastic is covered with an anti-scratch protection but can still be scratched. These scratches, gauges, or other damage to this plastic is not covered.

*Any chip damage to the Formica covering the ballistic fiberglass is not covered.


Do not allow the Polycarbonate (plastic viewing area) of the BWOD to come in contact with:  solvents, cleaners, liquids or any products that react with plastic.  This will void your warranty!  Clean only with a mild soap, water and dry.