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News from Fort Myers Police Department

Realizing the need for head and neck protection, Ft. Meyers Police Department just purchased 50 additional I.R. Shields for their first responders. In recent months several police officers have succumbed to head and/or neck shots during confrontation with subjects across the country. Police officers are in the cross- hairs; shooting confrontations with subjects are on… Read more »

Clear Ballistic Shield Demonstration

The following videos give a demonstration of the clear ballistic shield usage. Standard: Reload with shield in hand: Handling mailfunction fire arms with shield:

Clear Ballistic Shield Tests

To ensure that our Shields adhere to the strict NIJ testing standards, several in-house tests have been conducted using various types of ammunition with multiple hits. More hits than the National Institute of Justice requires. The pictures below show one of our (1 inch NIJ II) I.R. Shields shot with numerous rounds of various caliber;… Read more »