Clear Ballistic Shield Web Site Relaunch

In March, we totally overhauled our Mett-t website. In addition to our products, we have included news blogs that address safety issues that pertain directly to our LEOs. If recent incidents like Ferguson are going to be the norm in this country, we are in a lot of trouble. I will not get into the political and racial ramifications of Ferguson because I believe that we all know what is going on. The recent shooting death of a Wisconsin trooper and the shooting of a police officer in Boston in 2016 (both head shots) mandates the need for head and neck protection that only a ballistic Shield can provide. Many officers in recent years have succumbed to head shots. It is my opinion that many would be alive today if an I.R. Shield had been available to them. Budgeting for a new gun belt, holster or uniforms can wait. Budgeting to save a LEOs life can’t. The criminals know that LEOs are wearing ballistic vests. They now target the head area. I created the I.R. Shield out of necessity for exactly that reason. The head and neck area is just as important as the area protected by the vest. Let’s shift into the proactive mode and protect our LEOs. The LEO’s job is to “protect and serve.” Mett-t’s mission is to make this job safer.